Vote For The Best Hard Rock Vocalist


Vote For The Best Hard Rock & Rock Frontman/Vocalist Ever

Vote For The Best Hard Rock & Rock Frontman/Vocalist Ever

I have chosen 15 frontman/singers that I consider are my favorites of Rock and Hard Rock of all times.
Help me by voting to make the top 20!

The Nominees are:

Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) 

Robert Plant  (Led Zepellin)

Kurt Cobain (Nirvana)


Axl Rose (Guns N´Roses)

Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots, Velvet Revolver & Art of Anarchy)


Chris Cornell (Soundgarden & Audioslave, Temple Of The Dog)


Serj Tankian (System Of Down)

Mike Patton (Faith No More, *Mr. BungleFantômasPeeping TomTomahawk* )

*These bands are in another color because they are more experimental Metal than Rock or Hard Rock, but they still rule*

Chester Bennington (Linkin Park, Dead by Sunrise, Stone Temple Pilots)


Freddie Mercury (Queen)


Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge & Slash)

Corey Taylor (Slipknot & Stone Sour)

Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam, Temple Of The Dog)

Layne Staley (Alice In Chains)


Matthew Bellamy (Muse)


Top 15 of The Best Metal Band Formed Since 2007 (Not more than 10 years active)

Top 15 of The Best Metal Band Formed since 2007 
(Not more than 10 years active)

After 1090 votes, check how the poll ended!

 Artificial Language 
(Progressive Metal from USA formed in 2015)

 Zeal & Ardor  
(Black Metal/Blues from USA/Switzerland formed in 2013)

(Power Metal from Canada formed in 2015)

Adrenaline Mob   
(Heavy Metal from USA formed in 2011)

(Pop Metal from Sweden formed in 2008)

Brothers of Metal   
(Heavy/Power Metal from Sweden formed in 2012)

Cain's Offering    
(Power Metal from Finland formed in 2009)

(Symphonic Metal from UK formed in 2011)

(Heavy Metal from Sweden formed in 2008)

Once Human    
(Melodic Death Metal from USA formed in 2014)

Serious Black    
(Power Metal from Germany formed in 2014)

(Power Metal from Germany formed in 2009)

Unleash The Archers     
(Power/Melodic Death Metal from Canada formed in 2007)

Lords of Black     
(Power Metal from Spain formed in 2014)

(Melodic Death Metal from Finland formed in 2013)


15 Great Power Metal Albums That Deserve More Recognition

15 Great Power Metal Albums  That Deserve More Recognition

The list consists of 15 albums that I think every Power Metal fan should listen to!

 Lies Bleeding The Blind - Legend Maker (From Colombia)

Sunrise in Riverland - Insania (From Sweden)

New Era Part 1 -  Derdian (From Italy)

Holy War - Dragonland (From Sweden)

Dust to Dust - Heavenly (From France)

Masterplan - Masterplan (From Germany)

Unity - Rage (From Germany)

Fall from Grace - Borealis (From Canada)

Lord of Black - Lords Of Black (From Spain)

Return To Heaven Denied - Labyrinth (From Italy)

Master of Illusion - Power Quest (From UK)

Nosferatu - Helstar (From USA)

Bible of the Beast - Powerwolf (From Germany)

1912 - ReinXeed (From Sweden)

Falconer - Falconer (From Sweden)


Top 20 Best Power Metal Band

Top 20 Best Power Metal Band

These are my 20 favorite Power Metal bands, after 1675 votes, Check The results in a Top 20.

20. Dragonland (Sweden) with 13 votes!

19. Nocturnal Rites (Sweden) with 16 votes!

18. Primal Fear (Germany) with 18 votes!

17. Secret Sphere (Italy) with 22 votes!

16. Lost Horizon (Sweden) with 23 votes!

15. Bloodbound (Sweden) with 26 votes!

14. Edguy (Germany) with 32 votes!

13. Freedom Call (Germany) with 34 votes!

12. DragonForce (England) with 39 votes!

11. Gamma Ray (Germany) with 46 votes

10. Rhapsody of Fire (Italy) with 52 votes!

09. Kamelot (USA) with 54 votes!

08. Angra (Brazil) with 63 votes!

07. Avantasia (Germany) with 82 votes!

06. Stratovarius (Finland) with 95 votes!

05. Blind Guardian (Germany) with 116 votes!

04. Sonata Arctica (Finland) with 169 votes!

03. Sabaton (Sweden) with 227 votes!

02. Helloween (Germany) with 262 votes!

01. HammerFall (Sweden) with 268 votes!